History remixer, la création de typographie en ligne !

Hello ! Voici un petit film de démonstration pour la très intéressante application en ligne “History Remixer”

“Type foundry Typotheque released a new font consisting of 21 individual layers that can be recombined to create new typographic possibilities.

Realising that controlling 21 different layers can be a daunting task, Typotheque delivers History not only as a set of OpenType fonts, but provides an application called History Remixer. This web based application uses single text input, and user interface, where one selects which layers should be on, layer order, colour and luminosity, and application generates an open PDF file which can be directly used. The movie attempts to show how the app works.”

J’ai testé et c’est vraiment pas mal..! À voir ensuite pour une utilisation plus approfondie…

Pour plus d’informations et découvrir History remixer