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The equilateral triangle of a perfect paragraph

This game elaborates on the theory and puts it into practice. Its goal is to teach you about the three features that need to be considered for a perfect paragraph and help you train your eye.


Rigibi is a puzzle game, where you mix colors in the right order to get the correct shade. All levels can be solved by both using visual senses and mathematically using HEX-codes for designers and programmers.

Color Practice

Color Practice is a web and iPad app for learning about color using visual puzzles. In each puzzle, the challenge is to rearrange a shuffled color chart back into its original order.


Kolor Game, a free browser game where you have to be as fast as possible by guessing colors in order to score high.

Pen Tool Game

Guide the space explorer back to his home in the galaxy, while learning to draw straight and curved lines with the Pen Tool.

Curious Letters

A visual puzzle for all ages about curiously overlapping letters and beautiful typography! Find out which letters hide under the mixed stack. Choose among many visually challenging font and unlock new ones by beating your records. Play at your own pace or race against the timer. Curious Letters will stimulate your visual and pattern recognition skills!

What is this font…?!

What is this font…?!


A puzzle game that will challenge your ability to distinguish and arrange colors. The game is based on color principles and exercises taught in art schools around the world. Try and beat the world average or just try to beat your personal best! Play through hundreds of levels with a wide gamut of difficulty (all free!). The game is perfect for kids and adults, casual users and experienced gamers alike.

Logo Quizz

Test your knowledge of corporate logos in this fast-paced logo quiz! How well do you know brands like Nike, Pepsi, and CNN?

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